Hello Blinds

We are the home of affordable quality Made-to-Measure Vertical and Faux Wooden Blinds in Chesterfield and surrounding areas. Hello Blinds are a proud local blind manufacturer, cutting out the middle man and offering blinds for every single budget, from the affordable essential to the very best quality money can buy.

Why Use Hello Blinds:

  • High Quality Local Manufacturing: We decided to Manufacture Blinds for a few logical reasons: When you buy Blinds in they are not the best quality as you can only buy wholesale blinds from a few suppliers. We were sick and tired of buying Blinds in and fitting what we wouldn’t have ourselves. Therefore we manufacture a more private blind with better parts than those brought in. There is no point in us making the same as everybody else. As we make or modify our own Blinds here in Chesterfield, we can supply them at a much better price. This also allows us to control the quality of the Blinds and also makes them very affordable, whilst at the same time offering the very best! If we can’t make or modify it we do not offer it.  What we don’t do is provide Christmas Cracker Blinds; they are out there because every week we take some down and replace them with ours.
  • Small Local Business: Hello Blinds is a family business and is simply made up of just Richard and Emma. Together, we sell them, make them and fit them. We are local and live local.
  • Derbyshire Trusted Trader: Make no mistake this is a valued membership offering peace of mind for you. The scheme is run by Trading Standards. It demands a trading practice that we whole heartily adhere too. Take a look at our Trusted Trader feedbacks.
  • Reviews: Please go to the “Reviews” page and view the best feedbacks in Town! We have Hundreds. When you sell top quality at affordable prices people comment. These Feedbacks are from Facebook, Trusted Trader and Google Maps etc… You won’t find any other Blind company based in Chesterfield with such high quality feedbacks.
  • Knowledge: We know our knowledge of Blinds is second to none, mainly because we manufacture them. Our pictures throughout the website are of genuine Blinds we have fitted in Chesterfield. Not stolen pictures from Google that have nothing to do with that business. My recent favourite was a picture that had Blinds in a huge window and the pyramids in the back ground. I don’t think it was truly local you know.
  • After Care: Firstly, we know we offer the most genuine warranty in Chesterfield. We also offer an online shop to buy Spare Blind Parts and replacement Vertical Slats. As well as a “Customer VIP” page with videos of how to take Blinds down, put them back up and common troubleshooting if required (Non-Warranty, out of Warranty simple repairs). To date we are the only business that offers this level of after care.
  • Fitting: The very best and most comprehensive fitting service locally. We know this to be true, as we have too many high quality feedbacks for anyone to argue otherwise.
  • Life Skills: We are very polite, respectful of you and your property. Shoes off at the door comes as standard. During Fitting we don’t ever use your furniture or bed as a work bench. All mess is cleaned up. There is never any pressure what so ever! As a manufacturer we sell 100-200 Blinds every week. We have done for the past three years.
  • Honesty: We are not one of those many Blind Businesses that lies about non-existent offers, for example, they say 50% off but company’s never say 50% off of what exactly? This is because it is made up lies just to get into your home and tell you whatever you want to hear for an order. We offer the single most affordable and professional experience you will ever have and that’s what makes us better.
  • Wholesale: Hello Blinds provide wholesale blinds for small business around the country. Once again this is because Hello Blinds is different, better and unique.

Are all Blinds the same? Answer: No absolutely NOT!

There are these beliefs that if you get three quotes for the same type of Blind then all quotes are for the same thing. This is a myth and wrong. For example, nobody makes a Vertical Blind like ours. When looking at Blinds always check on quality, what it looks like, the fitting standard and above all what other people say about the company/person. We bring actual samples of working Blinds we manufacture and supply and will explain why we only supply the very best quality.

We often get random questions asking for a price. As we do a genuine Made-to-Measure service, it is impossible to quote. We need to measure exactly as Made-to-Measure from Hello Blinds is down to 1mm, plus you need to select a fabric. Everyone always says “The Cheapest” and when we meet them they select something else. It is at this point 99% of the time we wished we had not quoted.

Please click on the Photos below to see lots of information about our Vertical and Faux Wooden Blinds. These are the only two types of Blinds we manufacture and install for our retail customers.

Enjoy, and we look forward to speaking to you very soon 🙂


We sometimes get asked to go to Alfreton, Bolsover, Dronfield, Sheffield, Worksop, South Nottingham, Portsmouth and Glasgow to name but a few. For the record, “we do not cover these places“, ever. They are simply too far away and take up a minimum of two appointment slots, normally three.


  1. Contact us. Tell us your Name, Address including Postcode and provide us with a contact number.
  2. Tell us what type of Blinds you are interested in?
  3. We will call you to make an appointment. Our measuring and fitting appointments are only on Mondays.
  4. We will make an appointment that’s convenient for you. For a Free No Obligation Quote. If you miss the appointment for whatever reason, we will wait around 10 minutes before leaving a card to say we have called. We will NOT phone or hassle, but leave it up to you to contact us if you would still like an appointment. Luckily this does not happen very often. However this is our procedure when it does.
  5. We will call round with Prices and Samples. Our sample collection is vast. There is no rush. No pressure. Quotes are Free!
  6. We will measure each window, down to the last millimetre.
  7. If you want to order, we take a 50% deposit, Cash or Debit Card. Or we leave a quote.
  8. We will give you a receipt, with all the transaction details, our contact numbers and address should you need us. We give you a fitting date within three weeks on receipt of your deposit.
  9. It is not a problem if you need to rearrange the fitting date. However it can take 3 weeks to rebook.
  10. Once fitted and the balance is paid you get a receipt complete with a 12 Month Manufacturer’s and Fitting Warranty in writing.
  11. You will then have the very best quality Blinds money can buy.


  1. Our appointment is FREE. However this is for “ONE” visit. We get people asking us to quote for windows where there is just a wall or when new windows and plaster is yet to be done. We then have to come back a second time. We even get calls to just look at the samples because, “we might have blinds at our next property“. Simply put this just wastes our appointment slots. Please note: the second visit is not free. Over 99% of our enquiries are done with just one single appointment. Thank you for understanding.
  2. We ask that each window required to be measured has access to it so we can measure properly. We measure to an extremely high standard so you get the Best Blinds and the Best Installation.
  3. ALL windows are complete, e.g. Tiles, Sills, Dado and Plastering/Skimming etc… is finished.
  4. The person(s) responsible for colour/sample choice are there for the appointment. This year we have had several men when asked about colour choice etc… giving us the standard “I don’t know?” or “Cream. Any Cream. I think!” this then means the above point 1 kicks in.


We take our shoes off at house entry and measure while you view our massive collection of samples. There is no sales pressure what so ever. We also bring out working Blinds and explain every detail. We manufacture between 100-200 blinds every week. We have done since early 2015. We don’t pressure anybody. The experience for you is informative and enjoyable. Thank you for reading.

Hello Blinds. Never Beaten on Quality.