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Just a quick message about Hello Blinds, a little Industry Gossip and some true stories!

Hi there, my name is Richard and together with my wife, Emma, we run/own Hello Blinds. Chesterfield’s No 1 Made-to Measure Blind Specialists with well over a Decade of experience. We are not sat at the kitchen table waiting for your call; we have a factory because we manufacture Blinds. We provide and make the very BEST quality Blinds available, using the best component parts the world has to offer. We don’t provide a list of Blinds manufactured in someone else’s factory telling us what we should sell. Hello Blinds are never beaten on quality.

Some years ago I started working for the country’s largest Made-to-Measure Blinds provider. I loved the job and was trained to the highest standards. However there were a few things that made my job not as exciting as I had hoped. First of all was the price. WOW. This was something that left me numb on many occasions and I will never be surprised at some of the prices customers, with little knowledge of the industry and costs in general would be prepared to pay. Some times over £600 for one Vertical Blind!

The other was advertising. I did in my time over 7,000+ fits and some customers thought they could get the old famous Three for Ninety Nine Verticals. In all my time no one ever qualified.

Advertised on a beautiful huge White or Cream Vertical, customers would wave this advert in my face. In return I told them the “Button Moon” size restrictions that very few houses had one window, let alone THREE! Also the colour choice was Dark Purple, Vomit Yellow, Murky Brown and the Classic Stagnant Green. It was an offer that really didn’t exist and luckily there is a reason it’s not offered now. Rumour had it; it was called Trading Standards and a huge fine.

It was during this period I thought there had to be a better way because I was working for a company that simply did not tell the truth. Their marketing in almost every newspaper and TV adverts, was, what I felt just dishonest. Their Blinds were top-notch don’t get me wrong. Service Amazing and in general nothing came close to top their Quality Blinds. So why were they not advertised this way? Using Honesty? I wanted to give it a try. Honesty that is.

Don’t get me wrong many customers were just as curious. Thinking the DIY shops Blinds were £5.99 so why couldn’t Made to Measure be the same or wanting 6+ Blinds and hoping the price would only make a small dent in this week’s Giro. My favourite was a lady that told me she could get 4 Blinds from the old Soap Box in Clay Cross for around £30 but she didn’t know how to fit them and she also knew they would not fit! This continued to “can you beat that”. You can’t win them all and the mind boggles went through my head as I left.

One evening I was explaining all this to my lovely wife Emma! Mentioning countless examples of poor supply and curious customer expectations. So in typical Emma style she went away and came back with ALL the UK wholesale Made-to-Measure Blind suppliers. The idea started to turn into reality. So in reality it’s all Emma’s fault 🙂

Having tried a few suppliers we came across the few we deal with today. They are ALL HIGH QUALITY Blind suppliers. They have to be because the first thing I wanted to offer was a GENUINE fitting Warranty from Hello Blinds!

We matched and sourced Fabrics I used to sell along with similar headrails and all the extras. Our Blinds come complete with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. No quibble. If a product comes out and it is not top-notch, not the best then we simply will not supply it. Everything we do has a Warranty in writing which also comes with our reputation. The business we wanted was now a reality.

It took just over a year for Hello Blinds to come together. We now provide the very best Blinds in the area and at prices that are affordable. We pride ourselves in doing an amazing fit. We explain the entire process and above all leave you with top quality Blinds and a written guarantee. The most honest in Town! Simply put, you get a class product that will only improve your home and all with no pressure and time on the customer’s side!

So in 2014 the next part of our journey was simple. We became a manufacturer of Blinds. We started with Vertical Blinds as our main manufacturing business and just let it grow. This makes us more competitive and allows us to provide a better quality blind at a more affordable price. We are the area’s largest Blind Manufacturer. When someone wants Blinds, Hello Blinds will be one company everyone thinks of for affordable Quality Blinds!

Then in 2017 we started to supply Blinds around the UK on a wholesale basis. This started purely by chance.  We then got regular requests to teach people around the country how to fit Blinds. So in 2018 we started a proper training. This is obviously not for local people, but we now have regular monthly training days for people new to the industry and businesses recruiting around the UK. Many of these businesses have been trading for many years longer than we have. They all however want the HELLO BLINDS way added to their business. We also have a lovely, manageable wholesale client base. Each ordering many Blinds every week.

If we say so ourselves, there is no Business like Hello Blinds locally. We are pleasantly different. Devastatingly honest and provide something better and above all affordable. How often does that happen?

So please call us, expect the best fitting service, the most accurate measuring, the very best quality Blinds and above all the Best Prices.

All the pictures on this website are of Blinds that we have fitted here in Chesterfield. We have included a Customer VIP Page. This is for troubleshooting or how to take a Blind down and re install after decorating. It’s brilliant for out of warranty or non warranty repairs etc… As a customer, you just message us and we forward you the password.

Hello Blinds…Never Beaten On Quality

Thank you for Reading

Richard & Emma 🙂