Vertical Blinds

Our Vertical Blinds come on the quality conventional Corded System. We manufacture them here in Chesterfield and they start from only 3 for £130* size restrictions apply.

We never supply the wand system. We don’t know a single customer ever, who has had both systems that prefers or would ever have the wand again. Everyone calls it tacky! (Not our words) which is why we have chosen not to manufacture it.

Our quality Corded Headrail comes complete with a child safety device as standard and will simply last longer and function better than the Wand Headrail. Our Headrails are white, slim line and can go up to 5 metres in length. We only manufacture straight white Headrails and therefore do not sell curved, sloping or coloured Vertical Blind Headrails.
All Corded Verticals can be centre parting or slats going to one side. There is no extra charge for this. This is Made-to-Measure. It is all included in the price we quote.

IMPORTANTWhen considering Vertical Blinds, always ask about the “OVERLAP”. This is the distance between the “Trucks” which the Slats hang off. Just about everybody uses 79mm trucks. Less Fabric required, Less Overlap, more money for the Manufacturer, but at the expense of privacy. Often reported as “when I close my blinds I can still wave to people outside”, there is however, something better… HELLO BLINDS. We always use 73mm Trucks. The importance of this extra 6mm overlap is not to be sniffed at. It can be the difference between shutting the Blind and having Privacy or wasting your money on a lesser product often costing more money. It is the “Number One” reason we take a lot of Blinds down that are not even a year old and replace with our own. When you do ask, we find many other Blind Fitter’s either don’t know, claim they are all the same OR just tell you what you want to hear. The Larger the overlap the better the Blind. If a Vertical Blind doesn’t have a 73mm truck then it’s not a top quality Blind.

Wand System Vs Corded System

Having read what others seem to say about this we would like to put our point of view across and try to smash the myth, propaganda and lies about this product.

Before Child safety came into play in the industry, you could not give this product away (Wand System) because it was and still remains Cheap, Crude and Tacky and mainly available via the internet on low cost blinds with a picture photoshopped to look a million times better than reality. Most professional fitters did not even acknowledge it existed and smirked when they saw it because it is simply rubbish.

Since Child safety came into play it is now waved as the saviour of Child safety, even though the quality cord system also has a Child safety device. The “wand” system is simply cheap in cost to make and amazingly quick to manufacture. Often you can make four/five cheap wand systems in the time to make just one quality corded Headrail… Great if you’re on a budget. However, we see more and more people waving this flag and putting the WAND system on their highest quality fabrics. This is not done with Child safety in mind. It is done purely to pinch a little bit more profit from you the customer and speed up Manufacturing. It is done because it is what their supplier tells them to sell because it is all they make. The “wand” system is called many names like “super glide” or “turbo smooth glide”. It is not only laughable but words attempting to fool the gullible. Remember, in 20 years we have never met anyone that would buy it a second time. We are just saying it as it is.

Hello Blinds are Manufacturers of Vertical Blinds. High Quality Vertical Blinds at very affordable prices.

If you want three or more Verticals, then look no further. Not only will we not be beaten on quality and service, we will beat any like for like genuine quote. We don’t peddle rubbish. There are Blinds out there that are just that. Look brilliant when brand new and look 6 years old in 6 months. We supply Blinds that won’t waste your money.

Sometimes how our offers work can cause some confusion, so we have attempted to write this so you can get 100% clarity and above all HONESTY. The following points should answer most questions.

  • All prices quoted include VAT, Warranties and Fitting. There are no extra charges, so we will not ambush you in your home with hidden charges.
  • We have Special Offers when ordering three blinds to be fitted at the same time. For example, 3 Verticals for £130. However, we DO NOT SELL one Vertical for £45 or two Verticals for £90. Our offers are also for one house. Not three Blinds fitted at two or three different houses.
  • If you pick for example, our 3 for £210 Vertical Blinds this will make each Blind £70. If you want four or five Vertical Blinds we price Pro Rata. This means as long as the windows are within the size restrictions the extra Vertical Blinds will also be £70 each.

For our Quality Corded System we offer 3 Vertical Blinds for £130. *size restrictions apply *

Multiple Fabric Colour Choice.

No bigger than 150cm width and 135cm drop. (1.5 Metres x 1.35 Metres)

If larger a small surcharge will apply of just £10 for every extra 1/2 metre (50cm) Width and £5 for every extra 1/2 metre (50cm) drop making the Blinds very affordable, for specialist Made-to-Measure Blinds.


3 for £130 Grade * Quality Cord System (see above for size restrictions)

3 for £150 Grade * Quality Cord System (see above for size restrictions)

3 for £180 Grade ** Quality Cord System (see above for size restrictions)

3 for £220 Grade *** Quality Cord System (see above for size restrictions, slight increase on surcharge)

3 for £260 Grade **** Quality Cord System (see above for size restrictions, slight increase on surcharge)

Please note these offers are genuine and honest. No Ambush when you order or ask for an appointment. If you compare with Internet Sites you will find our prices are roughly the same. You also have to measure and fit theirs yourself. Our Prices include measuring and fitting and also a better more private Blind.

If any window is larger than the size restriction our surcharge is small and maintains affordable Vertical Blinds from just £10 for half a metre! For the same grade fabric we will NOT be beaten on price, service, fitting or quality.

Vertical Blinds – If a window measures 150cm width and 135cm drop (1.5 Metres x 1.35 Metres) and you want one vertical blind our price for measuring, fitting and warranty would start from £80.



We sometimes get asked to go to Alfreton, Bolsover, Dronfield, Sheffield, Worksop, South Nottingham, Portsmouth and Glasgow to name but a few. For the record, “we do not cover these places“, ever. They are simply too far away and take up a minimum of two appointment slots, normally three.


  1. Contact us. Tell us your Name, Address including Postcode and provide us with a contact number.
  2. Tell us what type of Blinds you are interested in?
  3. We will call you to make an appointment. Our measuring and fitting appointments are only on Mondays.
  4. We will make an appointment that’s convenient for you. For a Free No Obligation Quote. If you miss the appointment for whatever reason, we will wait around 10 minutes before leaving a card to say we have called. We will NOT phone or hassle, but leave it up to you to contact us if you would still like an appointment. Luckily this does not happen very often. However this is our procedure when it does.
  5. We will call round with Prices and Samples. Our sample collection is vast. There is no rush. No pressure. Quotes are Free!
  6. We will measure each window, down to the last millimetre.
  7. If you want to order, we take a 50% deposit, Cash or Debit Card. Or we leave a quote.
  8. We will give you a receipt, with all the transaction details, our contact numbers and address should you need us. We give you a fitting date within three weeks on receipt of your deposit.
  9. It is not a problem if you need to rearrange the fitting date. However it can take 3 weeks to rebook.
  10. Once fitted and the balance is paid you get a receipt complete with a 12 Month Manufacturer’s and Fitting Warranty in writing.
  11. You will then have the very best quality Blinds money can buy.


  1. Our appointment is FREE. However this is for “ONE” visit. We get people asking us to quote for windows where there is just a wall or when new windows and plaster is yet to be done. We then have to come back a second time. We even get calls to just look at the samples because, “we might have blinds at our next property“. Simply put this just wastes our appointment slots. Please note: the second visit is not free. Over 99% of our enquiries are done with just one single appointment. Thank you for understanding.
  2. We ask that each window required to be measured has access to it so we can measure properly. We measure to an extremely high standard so you get the Best Blinds and the Best Installation.
  3. ALL windows are complete, e.g. Tiles, Sills, Dado and Plastering/Skimming etc… is finished.
  4. The person(s) responsible for colour/sample choice are there for the appointment. This year we have had several men when asked about colour choice etc… giving us the standard “I don’t know?” or “Cream. Any Cream. I think!” this then means the above point 1 kicks in.


We take our shoes off at house entry and measure while you view our massive collection of samples. There is no sales pressure what so ever. We also bring out working Blinds and explain every detail. We manufacture between 100-200 blinds every week. We have done since early 2015. We don’t pressure anybody. The experience for you is informative and enjoyable. Thank you for reading.

Hello Blinds. Never Beaten on Quality.