Wholesale and Training

Hello Blinds are very different to most Blind businesses. Very different. Firstly we are a genuine quality Blind Manufacturer. We have a factory you will see. We supply Blinds direct including installation. We supply parts and above all just read our feedbacks. We have more feedbacks by a running mile compared to any of our competition.

We also provide a Brilliant Blind measuring, fitting and general business training course, as well as supplying the small, quality Made-to-Measure blind businesses around the UK (wholesale). At this moment we supply 28 businesses around the UK. This increases weekly. We don’t however train anybody in Chesterfield. Ever. Obviously. We also no longer supply Blind businesses in Chesterfield with Blinds anymore. We did once and it was awkward.

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If you have the following qualities then this maybe right up your street

  • A general ability to use tools like a Drill,Screw driver etc.
  • Basic understanding of Maths and Measuring in millimetres (mm) and centimetres (cm).
  • A happy, positive, polite and honest personality.
  • Organised with paperwork.
  • Organised with appointments. Punctual 100% of the time.
  • Tidy and respectful of other peoples homes.
  • The ability to communicate.

If you say yes to ALL the above points you might be interested in what we offer, which is:

  • A ONE day training course.
  • Measuring and fitting of Vertical Blinds.
  • Measuring and fitting of Roller Blinds.
  • Measuring and fitting of Faux Wooden Blinds.
  • Measuring and fitting of Real Wooden Blinds.
  • Measuring and fitting of Day & Night Blinds.
  • Measuring and fitting of Metal Venetian Blinds.
  • Measuring and fitting of Perfect Fit Blinds.
  • Measuring and fitting of Roman Blinds.
  • All the above in a basic window AND Bay windows.
  • Marketing basics.
  • A folder detailing all Measuring & Fitting for your reference.
  • List of UK suppliers. (there is no guarantee they will take you on however)
  • Free Tea & Coffee.
  • Free Lunch.
  • Telephone support should it be required, if you become a wholesale client of ours.
  • Details of how we got started.
  • Certificate of attendance posted to you.
  • A bonus description about Curtains.

All the above is for just £499 (price is for one or two people if you have a partnership or worker). When completed you should have the confidence and understanding to measure and fit Blinds to a high standard. I promise. Contact us for more information.

To book a training day we take a £75 deposit, (Non refundable) to book the place and the day. *if you have to cancel and we can fill your place the deposit will be refunded in full. The courses usually start around 9am and run until you understand how to measure and fit Blinds. Normally we are finished no later than 4pm. Its down to your ability to learn and our ability to teach. Parking is available and we actually aim to teach one paying customer each time or both of you if there is two.  However due to demand we can accommodate a Maximum of four clients.


Once trained you will need to purchase sample books and tools etc. You may have the tools already. Sample books can be from anyone. They don’t have to be from us. Our Wholesale is invitation only and we will let you know if we are interested or have space in the area you will cover. We also provide a list of other wholesale suppliers around the UK.

Access to the Wholesale page is invitation only. There you will see all our prices for all the Blinds we supply, contact forms for ordering and a description of how it all works. To access this we will have offered you a “password”. There is no pressure.

We offer the best blinds money can buy, the same blinds we show you in our factory, and for example, we deliver up to 20 Blinds to you for just £15!

You just need to be able to take delivery, check them and then fit them.

The Blind industry is vast, every area has multiple competition, Chesterfield is no different, but once you ignore the poor badly run Businesses there isn’t much competition. We have parts suppliers coming to us weekly with many a story of how bad they really can be. Some story’s are absolute rib breakers. Just contact us for more information.

We also provide a training course to start you off as a Manufacturer. This costs £995. We think it is the final bit of the Jigsaw. We started off buying Blinds in like “ALL” of our competition does now, and like you will or have. You can compete when you buy them in, we did. Becoming a Manufacturer does one simple thing. It gives you a “MASSIVE” edge over the competition. You arrive at the clients house with the “BEST PRODUCT” and 95% of the time, “THE BEST PRICE”.

The only way you can be beaten is by a much lesser product or someone prepared to work for nothing. We have people coming into our area selling 3 Verticals for £79 or even 3 for £49. We can get the very same parts they use. But I have to be honest here. These people are peddling utter Crap and that is a polite description. It wouldn’t even come out of a sub standard Christmas Cracker. When the Blind breaks. Which it will. Good luck with getting any warranty or service. We get on average THREE calls a week to swap these poor Blinds.

Becoming “A PROPER MANUFACTURER” will change your business and life over night!. Once you have a taste for the industry and prove to yourself you have what it takes, we can help with the next and final step. We show you how, method, suppliers, Machinery, How to videos and so much more.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Richard & Emma